Before becoming a cartoonist, I earned a B.S. and an M.S. in Entomology, then studied yellow-fever mosquitoes, photosynthesis, lung surfactant, autism and purine metabolism. I also assisted my husband in ecological field research on islands around the world.

You'll find my published cartoons in hundreds of magazines,
books, websites, newspapers, greeting cards and syndicated newspaper panels (DRAWING A CROWD and SIX CHIX).

My specialties are cartoons on medicine and science for the professional, travel industry cartoons, education cartoons for teachers and professors, Jewish lifestyle, holiday cartoons, business cartoons, relationship cartoons, women's cartoons and greeting cards.

Habitat for Humanity,
New Orleans, May 2008

Cartoon Improv for Charityb
May 2009

Benita dn Phil Fountain cartoon improv 2009

ArtHop April 2010
Benita shows cartoons at ArtHop, Ethan Allen

1/9/15 selfie with drawing tool, a Wacom pen and a pug.

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