Jewish Cartoons
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medical cartoon 1171_1

Jewish Chicken Soup

literary cartoon 1142

Meet the Author’s Mother

cat cartoon 1102_1

“She was my mother’s cat.”

passover cartoon 1069

Passover recipes from a Jewish mother

passover cartoon 1079

Moses leads people to Early Bird Special

hanukkah cartoon 1068

“This is the Festival of Mediums. You want the room with Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.”

yom kippur cartoon 1066

Smell a Bagel

passover cartoon 1080

“He doesn’t write. He doesn’t call. Of course, I wouldn’t want to interfere.”

passover cartoon 1077

“Is this where we got the phrase, ‘Are we there yet?’”

passover cartoon 1035

First Jewish Comedian

passover cartoon 1078

World’s Fastest Seder

hanukkah cartoon 1067

“Hanukahh Hotline! I know twelve latkas per person seems like a lot, but it’s the Festival of Lights, not the Festival of Lites.”

passover cartoon 1412

Seders to Go

passover cartoon 1410

Killer Matzo Balls

passover cartoon 1411

Copyright sign on the Ten Commandments

passover cartoon 1415

“You’re right. He does look like a born leader.”

jewish lifestyle cartoon 1070

“All I do is shlep, shlep, shlep.”

jewish lifestyle cartoon 1073

Just kvetching

jewish lifestyle cartoon 1071

“Shlep you bags for you, ma’am?”

jewish doctor cartoon 1032 copy

“And now, my mother, Mrs. Knable, will put you to sleep with tales of her arthritis.”

jewish lifestyle cartoon 1074

“Have any cards for someone who’s just kvetching?”

jewish lifestyle cartoon 1076

“A rabbi, a priest and a duck. What a coincidence. I’m a joke writer.”

jewish lifestyle cartoon 1072

Manny from Heaven

jewish lifestyle cartoon 1064

Jewish Picnic

jewish lifestyle cartoon 1075

Cut Hand While Slicing Bagels

jewish lifestyle cartoon 1417

Oys R Us

jewish doctor 1416

Mom and Pop Operation