Business Cartoons
business workshop santa claus elves christmas  cartoon 1009

“Oh, sorry. Wrong workshop.”

business speaker stage businessmen cartoon 1401

“Wake up! You’re the next interesting speaker.”

business businessmen office problem solving boss worker  cartoon 1011

“See how quickly he solves problems? We need more like him.”

business businessmen office boss underling fact finding mission cartoon 1003

"We sent you on a fact-finding mission and all you found were two facts?"

business business woman office guilt coworkers desk cartoon 1001

“I hate when she drags herself to work. Am I supposed to feel guilty?”

business businessmen human resources interview interviewee mother reference hiring staff cartoon 1005

“I phoned your reference. She said you always ate your carrots and picked up your toys.”

business embezzling funds giggling secretary coworker desk HBR cartoon 1020

“They’re embezzling funds again. I can tell by their giggling.”

business financial bankruptcy credit city cartoon 1002

Bankruptcy Specialists

business businessmen office takeover merger briefcase ceo cartoon 1006

“Gentlemen, come in! Come in! Let me take your company.”

business company future layoffs merge bankrupt odds betting elevator businesswomen cartoon 1019

Odds on company future

business businessmen office contracts negotiation suing lawyers attorneys cartoon 1010

“Welcome to our little suing circle.”

business  businesswomen meetings offices paperwork cartoon 1018

“They took away our offices. That’s why we have eight meetings a day.”

business chart art graph museum cartoon 1021

Business Art Graph

business businesswoman interviewer personnel sense rumor hiring cartoon 1004

“You’ll fit right in. You have a great sense of rumor.”

business coworkers conference boardroom boredom meeting cartoon 1012

“Don’t sit there. Everyone who’s ever sat there has died of boredom.”

business businesswoman glass ceiling desk cartoon 1016

“Not the glass ceiling again.”

business coworkers meeting conference boardroom doodles graph chart notes cartoon 1008

“I’ll now show the doodle from the last meeting.”

business funny queen scribe annual report monk manuscript cartoon 1017

“Make it funny.”

business coworkers boss nepotism meeting conference boardroom cartoon 1013

“We frown on nepotism.”

business businesswoman seminar problem solving caveman rock paper scissors cartoon 1015

“Here’s Ed, problem solver extraordinaire and inventor of ‘rock, paper, scissors’.”

business employee month indictment coworker cartoon 1007

Indictment of the Month

business scapegoat blame elusive cartoon 1022

“Day 431: I finally caught a glimpse of the elusive scapegoat.”

funny business cartoon cape businessmen 1469

funny business cartoon businesswomen lunch iv nurse desk overworked 1470

“We can’t take breaks, but lunch is provided.”

funny business christmas party cartoon pinata bonus 1507

“For your holiday bonus you get a whack at the company’s piñata.”

funny business cartoon 1555 micro management tombstone copy

Micro managed to death

funny business cartoon  1557 businesswomen office world shoulder compalining copy

“Don’t ask.”

funny business cartoon 1553 businesswoman worker office effective habits copy

“He has none of the seven habits of highly effective people.”

funny business cartoon 1556 businesswomen desks office copy

“Nothing’s gone wrong in the last hour. That can’t be right.”

funny business cartoon 1552 office empire desk worker copy

“How am I going to build my own selfish empire if I continue to work here?”