Business Cartoons 2
business cartoon 1409

“It says, ‘Thank you for doing business with King Tut Company. Would you please take a minute to comment on our service?”

business cartoon 1403

“The position requires excellent communication skills. We’ll e-mail our decision.”

business cartoon 1399

Age 42 Still Stuck at Children’s Table

business cartoon 1404

“Please call back later. He’s ego-browsing.”

business cartoon 1406

“Gotta go. Here comes my boss from h…”

business cartoon 1407

“Sure, I got the huge staff, the huge salary and the huge office, but…no view.”

business cartoon 1184

“What are your other qualifications besides ‘my daddy owns the company’?”

business cartoon 1182

“Gentlemen, I trust there won’t be a problem working under a female bloodsucking mosquito.”

business cartoon 1024

“Someday I hope to think outside the pyramid.”

business cartoon 1405

“You’re not taking this class for relaxation are you?”

business cartoon 1185

“Now that we reinvented ourselves, who do you think should run the company?”

business cartoon 1186

“I better get this. The ring tone sounds like big profits to me.”

business cartoon 1183

“How did you become interested in money?”

business cartoon 1187

“Excuse me. Is this the home office?”

business dog cartoon 1402

“I thought you said you were goal oriented.”

business cartoon 1189

“They really expect a lot from us.”

business cartoon 1400

“All this stuff? I’m meeting for two now.”

business cartoon 1191

“Sure, he’s lazy, but he’s loyal.”

business cartoon 1190

“You’re good at math. Can we make 98% of our people scapegoats?”

business cartoon 1408

“I’m married to my work. I just want to make it official.”

business cartoon 1014

"Must you always bring your work home?"

funny business cartoon sue lawyer office businessmen 1472

“Mr. Chase will sue you now.”

business cartoon businessmen account lost found 1471

“You lost the McDowell account? It’s in your file cabinet, third drawer.”

funny business coworker cartoon paper pusher 1500

“Push the paper, Sean. Never pull.”

funny business cartoon king new guy spoiled office 1510

“They really are spoiling that new guy.”

funny business cartoon expenses consumer 1506

“Don’t worry about expenses. This will all be passed along to the consumer.”

funny business cartoon meeting room voted tattoo workers 1554 copy

“First, as an ice breaker…how many of you have tattoos?”

funny business cartoon 1550 position hiring office  copy

“Great! Several positions just opened up.”

funny business cartoon 1551 cavemen powerpoint copy

“You call that a PowerPoint presentation?”

funny business cartoon office meeting women coworkers computer digital employees department memo desk conflict boss bosses ceo  1708

funny business office cartoon  hell working mother take your daughter to work day conflict boss job benefits employment  hours profession 1709

funny business office meeting job employment men women agenda meeting side effects headache nausea hives profit cost benefit job employees records notes boss coworkers company 1710

funny business cartoon meeting agenda pyramid scheme work working job jobs employee employees boss bosses table company corporation  laptops doodles notes department fired 1711

funny business cartoon office subpoena work job employee employment boss coworker at lunch personnel job description company corporation 1712

funny business cartoon office books tapes motivation motivational speaker work coworker job company corporation employee employer working  group speaking seminar powerpoint 1713

funny business cartoon holiday christmas santa claus elf elves steroids profit loss chart business company corporation office boos worker employee employer staff meeting boardroom 1714