Doctor Cartoons
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funny doctor cartoon medical lab results lab retriever doctor medical assistant physician office health blood test labrador results positive negative return 1029

“The labs are back.”

funny medical cartoon doctor physician privacy paperwork alien proctology exam examination room practice 1680

"I bet no one bothers you in your office now, Doctor."

funny medical cartoon doctor office pediatrician hearing otology shot injection blah treatment diagnoses 1679

"Let's test her hearing. Blah blah blah blah shot. SHOT?!"

medical school doctor cartoon lab rat experiment 1468

“Oh, him? We went to medical school together.”

funny doctor medical cartoon research experiment test testing conduct conducting lab laboratory physician science scientist result results positive negative bench work university breakthrough centrifuge pipette 1335

“That’s Dr. Cray conducting research.”

medical doctor santa lymes disease patient exam room xmas cartoon 1467

“You have Lyme’s Disease. Do you spend any time in areas where there are a lot of deer?”

doctor laughter best medicine patient cartoon 1445

“Laughter is the best medicine. Please see the cartoonist on your way out.”

funny doctor cartoon board bored certified meeting men women conference table powerpoint presentation blackboard meeting nap napping asleep notes agenda 1025

“Oh, him? He’s bored certified.”

funny doctor cartoon ob-gyn maternity pregnancy patient nurse 1522

“McGuire! Party of two!”

funny doctor cartoon physician patient doctor's blog 1520

“I’m referring you to another doctor’s blog.”

funny doctor medical hospital cartoon bed, physician surgeon broken leg crutches blood alcohol record report elevated room wine bottle man woman nurse medical assistant physician assistant 1030

“‘Keep it elevated’ refers to the leg, not the blood alcohol level.”

funny doctor cartoon office paperwork 1518

“Ever notice the medical programs never show the dashing young doctors doing paperwork?”

funny doctor cartoon physician's office medical 1523


medical doctor musical instrument tray surgical procedure cartoon 1446

“No, bring me the OTHER instrument tray.”

doctor radiologist patient ct scan diagnosis cartoon 1466

“Don’t worry. It’s a CT scan, not a ‘seedy’ scan.”

medical doctor oncologist office referral cartoon 1465

“Why do I have all these pagers and cell phones? Well, I AM an “On Call Ogist’.”

funny doctor medical cartoon powerpoint presentation stress vacation beach rhinoplasty ingrown toenail heat rash disease sick sickness complaint patient complains of relax relaxing wife physician  1181

“Dear, are you sure you’re relaxing and not thinking about work?”

medical doctor second opinion diagnosis cartoon 1464

“Of course, feel free to get a second opinion.”

funny doctor medical cartoon examination exam room physician snowman christmas cold stethoscope table sick sickness ail well powerpoint presentation melt heartbeat heart labcoat 1039

“Ooo. That’s cold.”

medical hospital clinic clinical trials disease cartoon 1463

Clinical Trails

funny doctor cartoon reception harried overworked 1519

“Why clone sheep? They ought to clone more doctors.”

funny doctor cartoon patient waiting room paperwork 1521

“I’m sorry. I thought I could save him, but there was just too much paperwork.”

funny doctor cartoon  physician patient xray brain 1524

“Finally! A man interested in my brain.”

funny doctor cartoon dermatologist heaven 1517

“Sorry, Bernie. We found out about your rejuvenating jelly.”

funny doctor cartoon psychiatrist whale md 1532

“Don’t you think it would be better if you saved yourself?”

funny doctor cartoon physician md smoking 1533

“Patients kept saying, ‘You don’t understand. You never smoked’. So I started and now I can’t stop.”

funny doctor medical cartoon exam examination room office frog princess physician woman specialty specialist practise diploma blood pressure ill sick sickness ail ailing croak disease hospital test testing 1033

“What can I do? The princess isn’t on our list of specialists.”

funny doctor medical cartoon powerpoint presentation hospital surgeon surergy operation mother arthritis sleep disease patient sick sickness physician nurse sterile scalpel sponge sew scissors incision  1032

“And now, my mother, Mrs. Knable, will put you to sleep with tales of her arthritis.”

funny doctor medical cartoon powerpoint presentation office physician lizard reptile erectile dysfunction exam room examination ill sick disease blood pressure 1158

“Don’t be embarrassed. It’s only a reptile dysfunction.”

funny doctor medical cartoon physician patient reception receptionist hospital office oncologist powerpoint presentation anesthesiologist cardiologist dermatologist endocrinologist obgyn gynocolosgist neurologist ophthalmologist orthopedist  1176

“Don’t you have any regular doctors?”

funny doctor medical cartoon powerpoint presentation humor detox drug drugs alcohol physician nurse medical assistant physician assistant hosptial treatment disease rehabilitation email records record test testing office coworker man woman  1333

email detox

funny doctor medical cartoon office reception receptionist computer appointment nurse medical assistant physician assistant record records repetitive stress injury carpal tunnel syndrome blackberry thumb text texting twitter tweet facebook  1031

“You have one repetitive stress injury, one carpal tunnel syndrome and ...thumbs.”