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environment environmental funny global warming warning greenhouse gases gas ice caps antarctica actic eskimo polar bears evolve evolution iceberg icebergs cartoon 1629

"Evolve already! Ice caps are melting."

funny environment cartoon environmental global warming greenhouse gases melting polar ice caps arctic antarctic icebergs iceberg lettuce controversy science scientist scientists research carbon dioxide  1150

“What global warming? There are icebergs everywhere.”

funny environment cartoon environmental global warming greenhouse effect poerpoint presentation ocean fish science scientists species die off 1151

“Don’t worry. It’s part of the greenhouse effect.”

funny environment cartoon environmental endangered animal extinction shopping man clerk save animals powerpoint tshirt tshirts threatened snake tiger lizard insect fish bear bird 1159

“Do you have this in something a bit more endangered?”

funny environment cartoon environmental science scientist research expedition pwerpoint antarctica cold penguin grant journal below freezing iceberg icebergs ice caps  1157

“Day 780 of the project: So far, it’s cold as ice.”

funny environment cartoon powerpoint presentation dinosaur extinct extinction city street beg begging evolution speciation meteor science scientist theory fossil record  1154

I’ll go extinct

funny environment cartoon environmental ego tourism tourist underdeveloped country tropics forests natives native people indian  exploit exploitation powerpoint presentation 1153

Ego Tourism

funny environment cartoon environmental global warming well suited penguin science scientist antarctica iceberg glaciers cold oceans warming expedition 1155

“This one is certainly not well-suited to its environment.”

funny environment cartoon environmental global warming fad penguin penguins antarctica science scientist scientists controversy iceberg glaciers experiment nations windchill  1152

“It’s either a global warming trend or merely a fad.”

funny environment cartoon environmental powerpoint species speciation biogeography biodiversity reptiles lizard oceans rafts snake snakes colonization island islands isle hitchhiking 1156

“Check this out. Reptiles can colonize islands by hitchhiking on oceanic rafts.”

funny environment cartoon antarctica south pole free range chickens penguins icebergs 1681

"They never should have allowed us to be free-range."