Hospital Cartoons
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medical hospital room doctor patient disease cartoon 1455

“The good news is that you have my favorite disease.”

medical hospital transplant team doctor patient cartoon 1456

“My transplant team. Gotta love ‘em.”

hospital surgeon surgical garb instrument tray operation surgery doctor cartoon 1457

“We’d get more respect if they didn’t call this ‘surgical garb’.”

medical hospital surgery room operation surgeons doctors nurses patient or cartoon 1459

You are here, but you should be here.

medical hospital nurse iv patient saline sick cartoon 1460

“Saline! Saline! Over the ocean blue.”

medical hospital room recover doctor patient fight cartoon 1453

“I knew she’d pull through. She’s a real fighter.”

medical hospital surgery surgeon logo cartoon 1454

“Is there nothing without a company logo?”

medical hospital doctors physicians grand rounds cartoon 1461

Grand Rounds/Ground Rounds

medical county hospital doctor patient cartoon 1462

County Hospital Admissions/Denials

medical hospital doctor patient bed blood alcohol broken leg cartoon 1452

“‘Keep it elevated’ refers to the leg, not the blood alcohol level.”

medical hospital surgery surgeon arthritis cartoon 1451

“And now, my mother, Mrs. Knable, will put you to sleep with tales of her arthritis.”

hospital cardiologist heart surgeon doctor medical surgery cartoon 1458

“Oh, please. I’m sure I’m not the only heart surgeon who has ever cut himself shaving.”

hospital cartoon surgeon md doctor patient case 1528

“I’ve treated a lot of cases like yours, so maybe I’ll have some luck this time.”

hospital cartoon patients xray admission 1525

You Are Here…But You Should Be Here

hospital cartoon teaching hospital doctor patient bed 1530

“You’re at a teaching hospital. Hence, all the tests.”

hospital cartoon surgeon listen to music cartalk patient 1526

“Sorry. I was listening to Car Talk during surgery.”

hospital cartoon patient get well boss 1527

“Please get well soon. You were doing the work of four men.”

hospital cartoon patient vitals nurse 1531

“I’m here to check you vitals, not your vittles.”

hospital cartoon mother kids loaner md doctor 1529

“Kids, while your mom is in the hospital here’s a loaner.”