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decorator pillow beggar city street cartoon 1119

Decorator Pillows

cavemen smoking cigarette invention cartoon 1121

“Great invention, but now we must smoke these day and night or the flame will die.”

baby name domain name couple cartoon 1122

“We named him Michael, but we haven’t decided on a domain name yet.”

hepatitis waiter restaurant cartoon 1124

“Sorry it took so long. I’m the only one without hepatitis.”

giant purse watching restaurant meal lifestyle cartoon 1288

“Watch my purse, okay?”

beach beachcomber shell former self cartoon 1123

“Ahh. The shell of my former self.”

woman food shopping bad good for you cartoon 1125

Formerly Bad. Now Good for You

shopping old woman in the shoe store cartoon 1296

Tiny woman in shoe

clothes shopping shoulder pads breast implants cartoon 1291

“It comes with removable shoulder pads and breast implants.”

women shopping price tags clothes cartoon 1292

“I know people are just dying to know the prices.”

woman beggar city street interest wine cartoon 1126

“How did you become interested in wine?”

woman shoopping flowers florist death funeral friend cartoon 1297

“What’s the cheapest thing you have that says ‘you were a great friend’?”

clothes shopping diagram cow leather purse shoes belts wallets cartoon 1293

Cow Diagram

woman shopping parking lot maze lost car cartoon 1295

Shopping Maze

women shopping cosmetics aisle shuttle bus  cartoon 1290

“Cosmetics? They’re on aisle 7934. The shuttle bus leaves every ten minutes.”

makeover old woman shoe stilleto cartoon 1289

“And there’s the total makeover.”

wizard of oz drunk bar liver cartoon 1120

“We’re off to see the wizard. Hurry or you’ll never get that liver.”

woman clothes shopping locarb jacket cartoon 1298

“Try this wool jacket. It’s all lo-carb.”

home decor shopping woman lamp cartoon 1294

“I’ll take this one.”