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jail cell inmates decorating shows cartoon 1241

“I’m surprised they even let us watch those decorating shows.”

electronic ankle bracelet judge court cartoon 1117

“Those electronic ankle bracelets…what colors do they come in?”

congress gun control tartar control lobby cartoon 1242

“I’m not with the gun control lobby. I’m with tartar control.”

vendors vening machine stale chips cartoon 1235

“These things are so stale. Time to put them in the vending machine.”

bottled water desert crawlers cartoon 1238

“Nah, it’s just tap water.”

antique roadshow squirrel cartoon 1118

Antique Roadkill

heaven angel cellphone cartoon 1115

“Can you hear me now?”

snake waiter duck restaurant cartoon 1240

“I just checked. We’re out of the duck.”

starbucks directions coffee ...

“Go right at the first Starbucks, then left after the third Starbucks. ..."

monk monestary solitude cartoon 1234

“Get rid of all this stuff. It’ll make the place seem bigger if we decide..."

scarecrow farmer boss cartoon

“Look busy. Boss is coming.”

shoe house home office realtor real estate cartoon 1239

“It comes with a home office.”

pirate parrot grom reaper vulture cartoon 1237

Pirate parrot sees Grim Reaper vulture

irs scrapbook receipts tax cartoon 1236

“We never had anyone who scrapbooked the receipts.

law defendant jury guilty cartoon 1114

“We find the defendant too cute to be guilty.”

speeding ticket cop car cartoon 1233

“Isn’t 85 the new 55?”

beach child businessmen beachball cartoon 1116

Business Beachball