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funny medical cartoon doctors office reception catch of the day disease patient flu influenza strep throat cold virus hepatitis 1036

Catch of the Day

funny medical cartoon 1178 self diagnosis patient research books medical self help disease condition cure

Suture Self

funny medical cartoon pet positron emission tomography doctor diagnosis radiology active tumor cancer disease oncology injection patient sickness cure treatment 1175

Pet Imaging

Funny medical school cartoon 1547

Stuff They Never Taught You in Medical School

funny medical cartoon 1173 pharmacy medical administration insurance companies special place in hell doctors, physicians, nurses, patients patient care doctors offices treatment authorization for patients medical blue cross anthem

Insurance Hell

Funny medical cartoon stop smoking desert isle doctor 1548

“Bye! Good luck with the ‘stop smoking’ campaign.”

funny medical cartoon organ bank patient 1512

Organ Exchange Bank

funny medical cartoon gross anatomy class 1515

Gross anatomy/Not so bad anatomy

medical bone loss dog cartoon 1134

“Bone loss? You’ve come to the right place.”

funny medical research cartoon doctor scientist nicotine rats smoke experiment 1501

“One minute they’re in a nicotine deprivation experiment. Next minute they’re gone.”

funny medical cartoon staff infection doctor patient 1484

“Oh, great. He brought along his office ‘staph’ infection.”

funny medical cartoon dog doctor prescription chem panel lab retriever 1502

“You call yourself a laboratory retriever? That’s a prescription pad, not a chem panel.”

Funny medical cartoon kids play doctor 1546

“I’ll be the doctor and you be from managed care.”

Funny medical cartoon group insurance 1545

Group Insurance

funny medical cartoon eye laser surgery lasik cyclops medeival eye doctor cataract vision opthalmology 1026

“You really want laser surgery on your one good eye?”

funny medical cartoon early detection cavemen lump 1534

Early Detection

funny medical cartoon famous people diseases 1505

Will look up famous people who have what you have

funy medical cartoon kleptomania clinic psychiatry patient meeting chairs 1027

“Have all the seats been taken?”

medical pharmacy santa clause motion sickness reindeer medication christmas holiday cartoon 1444

"Something for motion sickness?"

funny medical cartoon bone marrow compatability 1516

“Rob and I are compatible in every way. Even our bone marrow matches.”

funny medical cartoon doctors office reception 1513

“We better change that sign.”

funny medical cartoon 1171 pharmacy medication drug pharmacist chicken soup jewish penicillin medication meds drug drugs mother patient sick sickness cure cold sore throat flu

Chicken Soup

funny medical cartoon 1042 patient directions doctors office hospital gown xray emergency cardiology surgery cafeteria admissions confused doctors nurses medical staff guide

“I am Ignacio. I’ll be your guide.”

Funny medical cartoon records 1544

“Are you SURE they meant this place for medical records?”

medical house call wolf doctor cartoon 1441

House Call of the Wild

funny medical cartoon pharmaceutical drug subsidy 1514

“We’re a pharmaceutical company. We should be getting ‘pharm’ subsidies.”

funny medical cartoon patient specialists leeches 1504

Specialist Directory: Cardiology, Dermatology, Hematology, Leeches

funny medical cartoon medical arts building inge da vinci painter medical building docts patients sickness diagnosis treatment 1174

Medical Arts Building

funny medical cartoon doctor fee advice 1473

Last Person Trying to Get Free Medical Advice for 100 Miles

funny medical cartoon 1172 pharmacy pharmacist customer teen condom paper or plastic medical medicine drug prescription refill insurance company

“What do you mean, ‘paper or plastic’? Have you ever used condoms before?”

funny medical cartoon blood packed red cells 1503

Packed Red Cells

funny medical cartoon doctor cartoons physicians nurses charts foretuneteller diagnosis hospital reading charts 1037

Charts Read by Fortuneteller

funny medical cartoon award performance tv interview outstanding doctor physician medical staff 1179

“The award for best performance by a doctor in a TV interview goes to…”

funny medical cartoon therapy psychiatry self serve blame mother father bad childhood dysfunctional doctor patients group 1177

Self Serve Self Help

cartoon 1180 copy

funny cartoon medical medicine medicinal pharmacy doctor drug commercial cholesterol high low exam room disease cardiology sympton sick cure ill illness blood test lab results 1704

"You'll need to take something for high cholesterol. Which drug commercial do you like best?"

funny medical cartoon cartoons pharmacy pharmaceutical sick sickness ill illness skin diseases rash flu cold pharmacy elderly pills drugs lotions tinctures tablets capsules aching ache 1706

Bumpy, oozing things, puffy, scaly things, loose smelly things, what you have

funny medical cartoon medicine medicare tortoise herpetology biology nature scinece politics healthcare old age disease doctor sick sickness physician doctors office entitlement 1705

"You mean we won't get Medicare until we're 150?"