Medical Cartoons 2
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funny medical cartoon exam table arm diagnosis muscle mass 1579

“That’s good, Mrs. Lipske. Now, develop some muscle mass in the other limbs.”

funny medical cartoon pharmacy pharmacist drugs medication subscription prescription health insurance renew refill 1594

“Sure, you can renew your subscription over the phone. Need any prescriptions, too?”

funny medical cartoon boss work doctors physicians labcoats team approach 1593

“I hate the team approach.”

funny medical cartoon steroids breast side effects helath disease workout weights 1595

What If You Mixed Steroids With Double-Breasted Suits?

funny medical cartoon reception front desk doctors office medical computer records 1597 lab coats

“This is lots more fun with these lab coats.”

funny medical cartoon award side effects performance enhancing drug steroids 1592

“Sure, I knew steroids were bad, but look at this awesome trophy I got.”

funny medical cartoon doctors office exam room examination workaholic female physician patient 1589

“Your wife tells me that you are a workaholic.”

funny medical cartoon halloween witch brew patient exam room hmo health insurance snakes medication 1590

“Your HMO sent me. Take two of these.”

funny medical cartoon doctors office exam dermatologist spf sun exposure statue of liberty sunburn skin

“You need to avoid long exposure to the sun.”

funny medical cartoon doctor pediatritian shot immunization flu shot hypodermic needle syringe 1596

“You sure have a funny way of making someone feel better.”

funny medical cartoon fda aproval evolution 1559

FDA Approval

funny medical cartoon patient gown exam room 1580

“Say, this doctor really is upscale. Check out these gowns!”

funny medical cartoon excuses sick days 1586

Sick Day Excuses

funny medical cartoon doctor physician lab coats office 1578

“So, THAT’S how our names get sewn on the lab coats.”

funny medical cartoon doctors office patient positive negative tests results 1585

“The trick is being positive you’ll be negative.”

funny medical cartoon kid child doctor pediatrician exam stethoscope lollipop 1582

Emergency Lollipop

funny medical cartoon nutrition dietary gum food group 1581

“Sorry. Gum is not a food group.”

funny medical cartoon medicare rat maze navigating 1583

“This is easier than navigating through Medicare.”

funny medical cartoon onco gene jeans cancer oncology doctor 1584

Doctor’s Special: “Onco Jeans”

funny medical cartoon doctors physicians board room conference stress conferring 1587

“I have job stress. Pass it on.”

funny medical student art mona lisa cartoon 1563

“I’m a medical student. Why do I have to know this stuff?”

funny medical doctor child germs exam cartoon 1561

“Do you hear any bad germs?”

funny medical cartoon doctor nutrition food pyramid 1562

Food Pyramid

funny medical doctors office reception cartoon patient 1560

“My kids are here for their appointment. Ages five and forty-two.”

funny medical cartoon work bug virus bacteria office workers sick disease 1588

“Why do people come to work with a bug?”