Natural History Cartoons
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funny science natural history butterfly metamorphosis caterpillar change pupate mother teenager nature  conservation ecosystem 1688

"Son, if you don't change you'll never amount to anything."

funny science cartoon marriage counselor medical moth cocoon man wife husband communication 1677

"Of course, we don't communicate. He's all wrapped up in his cocoon."

funny cartoon natural history nature zebra crossword savanna conservation ecosystem  africa zoo mammal mammology biology 1693

"Kids these days!"

funny cartoon science caterpillar inchworm regulation inch nature ecosystem conservation scientific entomology entomologist biology biologist 1694

"What regulations?" "All inchworms are now 2.53 centimeter worms!"

funny cartoon nature ecosystem conservation hiking climate change ecology geology science scientist 1695

"Isn't this spectacular, honey? Not without WIFI."

natural history cartoon 1421

“Notice anything different?”

natural history cartoon 1219

“Day 573 of the project: Let’s just say…many ants…”

natural history cartoon 1214

“You’re beaching yourself here?”

natural history cartoon 1051

“If our lifespan is only a day I’m having a cigarette.”

natural history cartoon 1419

“I’m hoping the DNA evidence will get me out of here.”

natural history cartoon 1428

“They’re not leaving scent trails anymore. Just text messages.”

natural history cartoon 1052

“I don’t get it.”

natural history cartoon 1424

“You’ve been through many changes.”

natural history cartoon 1426

Proof That Eddie Knows His Flies

natural history cartoon 1217

“She was one great termite.”

natural history cartoon 1422

Man vs. Gecko

natural history cartoon 1208

Spider language

natural history cartoon 1418

Man: The Only Animal to Purposely Wear Plaid

natural history cartoon 1054

“Enough with the jokes.”

natural history cartoon 1427

“You’re right. We really don’t know what the skin looked like.”

natural history cartoon 1213

“Do you really need all that stuff?”

natural history cartoon 1215

“You woke me up for that? It better be endangered.”

natural history cartoon 1212

“You’re not old. A hundred and fifty is the new hundred.”

natural history cartoon 1423

“It’s amazing how well we all get along, considering we’re all related.”

natural history cartoon 1218

“Wanna buy a watch?”

natural history cartoon 1207

Spider with clock

natural history cartoon 1211

“All these years I’ve been meaning to ask…are you male or female?”

natural history cartoon 1053

“I hate having my calls monitored.”

natural history cartoon 1210

Tortoise on scooter

natural history cartoon 1216

“The female praying mantis just…oh, don’t look. Love is cruel.”

natural history cartoon 1209

Violin spider sees saxophone spider

natural history cartoon 1425

“Is it Indian or African?”

funny cartoon drought climate change desert global warming wine water relationship man woman 1683

"Thanks to the drought I switched to one glass of water a day and eight glasses of wine a day."

funny cartoon natural history butterfly pupa pupate caterpillar metamorphosis diapause nature ecology conservation ecosystem 1692

"Hurry up! You've been in there forever…pupating."

funny cartoon science biology herpetology scienctist pyschiatrist office tortoise turtle comfort zone ecology nature conservation ecosystem 1697

"Well, who told you to step out of your comfort zone?"

funny cartoon science bird birding ornithology binoculars surveillance tree nature ecology conservation ecosystem rare bird 1691

"Quick, hide! Every single aspect of our lives is under surveillance."

funny cartoon science scientist biology entomology cockroach bar test nature ecosystem conservation survival natural history 1696

"Get over yourself. Even if you're the last thing to survive you'll still be a cockroach."

funny cartoon science scientist research climate change global warming arctic ice floe polar bear natural history 1690

"…and how did you become interested in global warming?"