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continuing education credit cartoon 1440

“Can I get continuing education credit for stories that never cease to amaze me?”

funny nurse powerpoint nursing medical medicine orthopedics pediatrics stuff they never taught you in nursin medical school books bookstore patient patients  labcoat exam examine examination test testing lab order result positive negative cartoon 1038

Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Stuff They Never Taught You in Nursing School

funny nurse powerpoint nursing medical hypertension blood pressure dog dogs patient examination room doctor physician degree patient health healthcare heart disease heart attack silent killer cartoon 1041

“Your blood pressure is too high. Take two of these.”

funny nurse powerpoint blood draw doctors office specimen nursing phlebotomist syringe arm bottle sterile lab test positive negative medical physician result hospital patient patients health healthcare physician cartoon 1028

“Hold still, Mrs. Brown while I draw your blood.”

funny nurse powerpoint medical nursing novel therapeutic strategies cancer oncology oncoogist doctor physician doctors office appointment exam examine examination blood bloodwork result health healthcare test testing patient sickness die cartoon 1034

Novel Therapeutic Strategies

funny powerpoint newsletter nurse cholesterol doctors office exam egg hdl ldl triglycerides humpty dumpty cracked  cartoon 1040

"Good cholesterol Bad cholesterol. "Good cholesterol Bad cholesterol. Finally, I cracked."

funny nurse powerpoint nursing medical doctor physician hospital doctors office exam examination patient snake bed room ring for nurse health healthcare insurance disease orthopedics test testing cartoon 1244

“Stop ringing for the nurse. We know you’re here.”

funny nurse powerpoint nursing medical physician doctor doctors office former lives mind-reader juggler medicine drugs prescribe prescription disease patient patients sickness exam examination cartoon 1257

“Why am I a nurse? In my former lives I was a mind-reader, a juggler and a scribe.”

funny nurse powerpoint medical nursing stress health healthcare computer female women co worker doctors office hospital charts patients sickness disease tret treatment cartoon 1248

“Of course she’s not stressed out. The damn thing isn’t even plugged in.”

funny nurse powerpoint medical health healthcare protocol teaching class patients disease doctors office nightmare work load charts nursing cartoon 1251

“What a nightmare! I dreamt I worked eighteen hours, saw forty-three patients, wrote ..."

funny nurse powerpoint medical nursing caring buy schedule charts patientsprotocol computer lunchtime british nurses working woman cartoon 1247

“Oh, me? Nothing much. I treated a dozen patients, did the charts, wrote new protocols, gave a ..."

funny nurse powerpoint cartoon stethoscope busypreparing nursing childcare juggling career medical health healthcare doctors office rn hospital 1256

“Preparing for another day of nursing?”

funny powerpoint newsletter nurse nursing medical medicine doctor physician doctors office patient science rx beta carotene supplement smoke smoking balanced diet health healthy body patients cartoon 1254

“Beta carotene supplements are now bad for smokers. What’s next? A balanced diet?”

funny powerpoint newsletter nurse scale weigh patient records weight loss gain earrings doctors office nursing medical hospital exam physical recall checkup medicine pills drugs pharmacy cartoon 1252

“Yes, you can take your earrings off it you think that would help.”

funny powerpoint newsletter nurse psychiatrist couch doctors office patient medical computer worry worried diploma job loss employment nursing cartoon 1250

“I’m worried I’ll be replaced by a computer.”

funny powerpoint newsletter nurse party conference medical doctor hospital interested in caring profession disease test exam cartoon 1253

“You’re a nurse? How did you become interested in caring?”

funny powerpoint newsletter nurse history patient doctors office records exam examination bronze age love generation disease checkup complaint cartoon 1245

“Yes, I do want your history, but let’s skip everything between the Bronze Age ..."

funny powerpoint newsletter nurse in vivo in vitro guru mountain explore life search doctor medical scientist science cartoon 1246

“What is the meaning of life? Do you mean in vitro or in vivo?”

funny powerpoint newsletter nurse ear exam child kid doctor medical office appointment stethoscope ear canal hearing loss listen cartoon 1255

“No wonder you don’t listen. Is that an iPod Nano?”

funny powerpoint newsletter nurse iv disease doctor medical nurse practitioner hospital patient glucose saline antibiotics  cartoon 1243

“Welcome to the I.V. league.”

nurse interview experience work week cartoon 1447

“Organizational skills, leadership qualities, diplomas, experience, computer savvy. You’ll have..."

funny nurse powerpoint medical nursing continuing education credit patient patients doctor physician office lab laboratory test testing results positive negative books charts computer analysis helath healthcare standards blood exam examine rtoon 1035

“Can I get continuing education credit for stories that never cease to amaze me?”