Science Cartoons 2
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funny science reasearch women in science compare lab laboratory experiment experimentation wet bench apples orange kumquat ice bucket 1682

"It was hard enough to compare apples to oranges. Now I'm required to add kumquats."

funny science cartoon snake herpetology geriatric walker herp scales slithering 1676

"I was just so sick of slithering."

funny cartoon science tick home security homeowner arachnid acarina ectoparasite parasite 1678

"This is the best security feature a homeowner can buy."

funny science scientist scientists seminar presentation colleagues ethics symposium cartoons cartoon 1619

Group Photo of Ethics Symposium

funny science scientist life cyclegrants research experiment career professor frog lab seminar powerpoint presentation lecture teacher students graduate cartoons cartoon 1624

Life Cycle of a Rich and Famous Scientist

funny scientist mathematics counting sheep mathematician insomnia cartoons cartoon 1614

Mathematician’s Insomnia

biochemistry chemistry organic chemistry funny save whales free radicals cartoons cartoon 1615

Save the Whales! Free Radicals!!

funny science scientist experiment blame-o-meter lab laboratory wet bench research blame cartoons cartoon 1609

The Blame-O-Meter

funny science scientist scientists research theory theories experiment experiments grant grants paper papers manuscript cartoons theories expounded cartoon 1606

Theories Expounded

funny science scientist scientists research experiment experiments chemistry biochemistry mirror image molecules compound lab laboratory cartoons cartoon 1611

“Are you working on the mirror image of my compound?”

funny science scientist scientists lab laboratory research experiment experiments lab animal mice rat rats cage wet bench lab laboratory be tough cartoons cartoon 1607

“Be tough. Never let them hear you squeak.”

funny science scientist rna protein wet bench lab laboratory research experiment colleague seminar presentation DNA spelled cartoons cartoon 1626

“Did you know that DNA spelled backwards is AND? Makes you think.”

funny science scientist research grant university funds funding cartoons cartoon 1600

“Do you have this grant in a larger size?”

funny science scientist hyena laughing mad cow lab laboratory research experiment laughing stock cartoons cartoon 1598

“Don’t be absurd. If we cloned a hyena into a mad cow we’d get a laughing stock.”

funny science scientist graduate school lab laboratory research experiment dna radioactivity chemistry biology biochemistry ecology cartoons cartoon 1625

“Don’t breathe a word to anyone, but I’m never leaving graduate school.”

funny science scientist lecture seminar suboperculum fish bop ichthyology ichthyologist cartoons cartoon 1617

“He put the ‘bop’ in the suboperculum.”

funny science scientist administration lecture research experiment journal reviews peer pressure agencies libraries seminars talks grants exams cartoons cartoon 1612

“I merely wanted to read books.”

funny science scientist research researcher mother wet bench experiment cartoons cartoon 1599

“Is that how your cousin Melvin ...“The Take Your Mother to Work Program”

funny science scientist research funding grant experiment career university cartoons cartoon 1623

“It’s ten o’clock. Do you know where your research is headed?”

funny science scientist research experiment lab laboratory grim reaper exciting research cartoons cartoon 1621

“I’ve come for your exciting research.”

funny science scientist parents contribution of dna gene genes genetics heredity living room cartoon cartoon 1622

“Mom, Dad…I just wanna thank you for your contribution of DNA.”

funny science scientist pyschiatrist dna molecule understanding research theory cartoons cartoon 1602

“No one understands me.”

funny science scientist wet bench chemistry biology biochemistry DNA creative cartoon cartoon 1620

“Stop being creative and discover something already.”

funny science scientist gresearch experiment column protein separation antibodies funding colleagues grant ended cartoon cartoon 1618

“Stop! Your grant is ending!”

funny science scientist professor dean chairman research group head department cartoons cartoon 1610

“Sure, I got the huge staff, the huge salary, and the huge office, but…no view.”

funny scientist math mathematics mathematician unknown function ecology physics engineering variables numerical methodsdifferential equations cartoons cartoon 1613

“Thanks, but that’s not wallpaper. It’s just a bunch of differential equations.”

funny science scientist plant plants botany metabolism convert carbon dioxide oxygen research researcher experiment lab laboratory cartoons cartoon 1601

“That’s so cool how they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.”

funny science scientists scientist prima donnas office politics research university department dean chairman cartoon cartoon 1608

“We’re a prestigious department, yet we have only three active prima donnas.”

funny science scientist lab laboratory research experiment man woman media antivivisection labcoat theory cartoons cartoon 1627

“…and this one is for entering an animal facility under siege.”