Science Cartoons
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funny science cartoon scientists research theory theories hypothosis data datum experiment experimentation university college test testing lab laboratory 1703

"Do you have any data that will fit my theory?"

funny cartoon science scientist scientists research neanderthal caveman DNA testing swab ancestry bar drink date ape mammal 1702

"I had my DNA tested. I''m 100% NEANDERTHAL."

funny scientist cartoon scientist women in science slime mold research experiment tests tesing biology fungus chemistry lab laboratory teaching university  1702

"One day Mommy's slime molds will all be yours!"

funny science cartoon scientist grant research test testing wet bench biology chemistry cure cancer common cold protests erhlenmeyer flask women scientists 1700

"I've discovered the cure for…("Stop! Whatever it is, people are already protesting it!").

funny science cartoon virus viron virology epidemiology bacteria herpes plague ebola medical doctor africa excuses office absence sick sickness disease cure death mortality morbitiy 1699

"Fred called in sick. So far he's used herpes, plague. What's his excuse this time?…EBOLA VIRUS."

funny science cartoon rat high-fructose sugar research lab laboratory experiment test testing grant animal chemistry biology scientist 1698

"They fed me high-fructose drinks all day. What was I supposed to do…say no?"

funny science cartoon marriage counselor medical moth cocoon man wife husband communication 1677

"Of course, we don't communicate. He's all wrapped up in his cocoon."

science cartoon 1050

Auntie Bodies

funny science of little round things books bookstore biology chemistry cartoon 1575

Biology Chemistry Science of Little Round Things

science cartoon 1340

Genetic Engineering ‘n Things

science cartoon 1049

Map of Human Genome

funny science scientist books research genetic markers cartoon 1576

Pencils Markers Genetic Markers

funny science scientist rat birthday cake cartoon 1568

Rat jumps out of scientist’s birthday cake

funny science animal testing cartoon 1570

Why animal testing takes so long

science cartoon 1046

“About these experiments you’ve conducted for twelve years…no one remembers hiring you.”

science cartoon 1338

“About this medical marijuana study…I’m totally stoked about the results.”

science cartoon 1048

“Boss is coming. Discover something!”

science cartoon 1047

“Enjoy your meal.”

funny science scientist research lab paper manuscript already wrote cartoon 1577

“I already wrote the paper. That’s why it’s so hard to get the right data.”

funny science scientist laboratory experiment cartoon 1567 common cold

“I found a cure for the humongous cold, the extreme cold and ... common cold?”

funny laboratory science scientist experiment cartoon 1566

“It’s been fifty years now. I guess you can’t compare apples to oranges.”

science cartoon 1341

“It’s only a conflict of interest if the data turns out good.”

funny science genetic engineering cartoon 1573

“No, I’m not the waiter. I’m the genetic engineer.”

funny science scientist lab osha diplomas research cartoon 1571

“No, those aren’t my diplomas. They’re my regulations.”

 funny science scientist female researcher experiment experiments grants seminar wet bench laboratory chemistry biochemistry medical school lab phone cartoons cartoon 1616

“Oh, me? I gave a seminar, wrote a bunch of grants, did some experiments and now it’s lunchtime.”

funny science scientist scientists mosquito mosquitos research lab laboratory  experiment insecticide resistance agriculture disease transmission cartoons big pests cartoon 1605

“Once they developed insecticide resistance, they became much bigger pests.”

funny science scientist experiment funding research cartoon 1569

“Our research is solidified, but our funding has vaporized.”

science cartoon 1045

“Say, do you have time between all that DNA research to invent a non-smelly sock?”

funny science genetic overweight fat obese rat cartoon 1572

“Sorry, I’m late. I volunteered for the obesity-gene study.”

science cartoon 1051

“The worst thing about being a clone is having no one to blame but yourself.”

science cartoon 1044

“Where will I find the fine line between art and science?”

science cartoon 1342

“You can’t keep running in here demanding data every five years!”

science cartoon 1339

“You have a Y chromosome. I like that in a man.”

funny science scientist research lab graduated cylinders smart computer cartoon 1574

“You’ve heard of smart computers? Well, these are graduated cylinders.”